Secure by design in arranging a
layer of trust regarding personal data.

One-Stop Shop Privacy

Single and central point to manage all your personal data settings regarding privacy.

Control personal data

Get back the control over your capital! Be in charge on how your data is being used elsewhere.

Process of Guidance

Assisting by explaining, informing, set expectations and finally successfully store a setting.

Introducing Seahorse.

Your data made personal.

It is all about having the ability to create a layer of trust regarding humans, machines and decisions.

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Events are watched over by our Proof of Stake nodes. Global availability for the data protection setting through a decentralized network.

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Recover data secure and based on encrypted multiple hashes. Restful API interoperability for user, government and businesses.

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All data is being verified and accessed through permissioned steps. Updating the old "Right to be forgotten" settings with new ones.

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Issuing personal data is based on encoded registry contracts and identity of the user are secured through cryptographic keys.


Frequently Asked Questions

Contract Needed?

Our goal is to make this service free and open for all users. Data controllers and governments will share the costs as result of the benefits.

Permission Access Registry

Take ownership and grant full permission and control through 24/7 immutable routing contracts that determine access.

EU Data Protection Regulations

Essential steps to strengthen citizens' fundamental rights in the digital age and facilitate business by simplifying rules for companies.

Data Protection Decentralized?

Storing the settings that configure your layer of trust regarding personal data on secured and encrypted nodes.

We will be launching soon.

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